Getting irritated by those website popups throwing allow cookies at you?

Have you ever visited some websites that push cookie banners in your face? Well, you are not the only one.

Those cookies notices can be annoying and irritating whenever they pop out of the blue and take up a considerable part of your screen, and the only way to get rid of them and access the full site is to accept the cookies. Continuous depletion of cookies only means they pop up back even more.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are little files that are stored when you visit a website on your browser. They help to keep tabs on your movements within the website visited by you.

The pop up cookies window you see on your browser window are there to inform users the cookies used in the website.

What are the cookie pop-ups showing?

The popups you regularly see on websites are notices that website owners are now mandated to show visitors, so they know the types of cookies employed on the sites, and how they go about using them. All of these came as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation that was enacted into law. The legislation stipulates that a company must ask for your consent before obtaining your data. In addition, companies have to restrict the amount of data they obtain from you.

The legislation has led sites to be more transparent, and thus the increased number of popups on your browser asking for your consent, and explaining what your data is used for. As things currently stand, the legislation only applies to websites under the EU, but anybody visiting the site will come across the pop-up window irrespective of their location in the world.

There are ways to block the pop-ups!

> You can install this plugin to help you remove popups!

> Or you can add an exception with AdBlock plus here!

If you do not know what Adblock Plus is:

Adblock Plus is an open-source browser extension for content-filtering and ad blocking. The extension has been released for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, Yandex Browser, and Android.