Why every small business needs Google My Business

Google My Business is a straightforward service from Google to help small businesses make themselves visible and searchable on the internet, by people from a particular locality they cater for. Google My Business is free and allows businesses put themselves on the web with little effort, which makes the service excellent and provides marketing options for small business owners.

Google My Business is the local Yellow Pages

With the internet at hand, there are very few people who still search for a service using the traditional Yellow Pages directories. Besides being listed in the traditional Yellow Pages, businesses should also consider getting listed in online directories and in Google My Business, especially if the business caters for a local audience. Thus, the advantage of using Google My Business is that all the relevant information about your business is available and can be accessed by your potential customers through the internet, even when you don’t have a website.

Improved search engine page ranking

Google My Business focuses on local searches, which means that the competition for a local business on Google My Business would be restricted to the other business only within the locality and not the entire region, city or state. This means that there are better chances for your business being at the top of the search engine page results for your category and location.

For example, a search with key terms – 'Indian restaurants in Edmonton, AB' would only get results for Indian restaurants within the region and not the province of Alberta. So, the possibility of your Indian restaurant being found is much better in Google My Business.

Your business is easily found on Google Maps 

Another advantage of getting listed in Google My Business is that your business would also be marked in Google Maps, giving the exact location of your business to a potential customer. When you allow your business listing to be found through relevant keywords used in Google Maps, which also works on mobile phones, customers on the move, who are looking for your service, would be able to find you without much hassle.

Cost-effective local marketing

The obvious reason for a small business to use Google My Business is that it is a free service. Spending huge amounts of money on billboards, television, radio or print adverts is not a practical option for small businesses. Google My Business on the other hand allows small businesses to advertise to their potential customers in a given locality and costs much lesser than traditional advertising options.

Making the best use of Google My Business

Now that you know about the benefits of Google My Business, here are few tips on how you can make the best use of this service.

Use keywords 

Use relevant keywords properly to create an impressive product or service description that appeals to the customers. However, avoid overusing or stuffing of keywords, otherwise your search engine page ranking could go down drastically.

Add Images and videos

Business owners listed in Google My Business are allowed to add up to 10 images and 5 videos for free. Make the best use of this and upload images of your business establishment, so that it becomes much easier for customers to find and identify you.

Google My Business page for every location

If your business has different branches at different locations, make sure that each branch has a separate Google My Business page with the location address and mobile number. In case you have just one branch but offer services in different locations, you can create a single page and list down the areas in it.

Encourage reviews

Ask your pleased customers to review and rate your services on Google My Businesss. The higher your ratings, the more number of customers you can get. Try to get as many reviews as possible, but only from genuine sources. However, avoid having too many just for ranking as this can cause Google to push your listing down.

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