User experience design starts with understanding your customers

Almost 48% of your visitors will judge the credibility of your company/organization based on the design and usability of your website.

Responsive web design is an approach to web design which makes web pages render well on a variety of devices whether it's a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

There is no need to design and develop a specific website for each device; Szopa Creative can build a framework that allows the website to adjust seamlessly to the device it's on. Having a responsive design will bring a consistent brand experience across all devices.

Ready to "Go Responsive" with your new website?

Whether you’re interested in a mobile-specific website or true responsive web design, Szopa Creative is ready to help you enhance the user experience for your mobile-based visitors.

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Fun Facts

  • Mobile devices are projected to reach 79% of global internet use by the end of 2018.
  • Smartphone users check their devices on average about 150 times a day.
  • Nearly 8/10 customers will stop engaging and leave the website when content does not display well on their device.

According to a report by Statistics Canada, there are almost 1.3 million active businesses with active employees as of the second quarter of 2017. As much as you’d hate to admit, you’re not really so special. There are several other businesses in Edmonton competing for the same clients. In the midst of competition though, responsive web designs are the way to go.

What is a Responsive Web Design?

A responsive web design is a web development technique which seeks to create a fully interactive website. It aims to optimize the user’s browsing experience with the aid of sophisticated tools and languages. Basically, the website created will adapt to the size, preference, and taste of the intended audience.

Why Do You Need a Responsive Web Designer for Your Business in Edmonton?

There are several reasons. In fact, the question should be, “why shouldn’t you?” The return on investment you get is almost unbelievable. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective way of making your business operations more fluid and efficient. Let’s uncover more reasons below.

Responsive Web Designs are Perfect for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the buzzwords breaking the internet now. SEO deals with the way your website responds to a particular query on search engines. For example, if you have a retail store in Edmonton and a potential buyer types “affordable shoes in Edmonton”, depending on how good your ranking is, your webpage might or might not be the first-page such buyer sees.

You can also testify to the fact that if the answer to your question isn’t on the first page of Google, the answer is non-existent. Hence, you have to employ a professional responsive web designer in Edmonton to help optimize your website so as to attract viewers and transform it into sales.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Do you currently have a website for your business? How often do you carry out testing and support? You must be aware of the concomitant troubles and cost of completing any sort of maintenance. However, with responsive web designs, the method employed is inherently standardized, with different sites for mobile and desktop use.

Easier to Track Relevant Metrics and Report Analytics

As a business, you should regularly improve your services. How do you know what to improve upon? By tracking relevant metrics. Before now, monitoring useful metrics such as user journeys, conversion paths, funnels, etc. used to be very difficult. Now, thanks to improved analytics tools on responsive websites, monitoring and analysis have been made easier.

Customer Retention

Let’s put it to you. If you were browsing two websites, one with a very obscure interface, basically testing your ability to navigate and assimilate the content. The other with friendly UI, easy to use, and flexible both on a desktop and mobile phones, which would you go for?

Your guess is right. According to research, a consistent user experience tremendously benefits your business conversion rates. With a responsive design, you are able to improve the online browsing experience, thereby giving your customers a better first impression.


It will be a big shame to lose out in this race for digital kingship. The opportunities available when you employ a responsive web designer is countless, literally. It makes your job easier, more professional, and also increases efficiency. Also, you have that competitive edge over millions of other businesses worldwide.

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